Reproducible Research Initiative

I was very lucky to be part of the reproducible research initiative (RR) at EPFL, spearhead by Prof. Matrin Vetterli, in order to make research easier to reproduce and built upon previous work to further advance science. The goal is to share research materials (paper, code and data) as much as possible and in a reproducible fashion, so that anyone can easily (and ideally with one click) is capable of reproducing the results and reusing the code/data in order to easily build upon the provided results. We developed a website to encourage and facilitate sharing, which is available here.

A Place for Sharing Knowledge
In the same spirit, I used to share a list of papers I read for my research and my thoughts on them, so that I can reuse them later and it might also be of use for others. They are available¬†here, it’s a bit crude and but helped me a lot, especially when writing my MSc and PhD theses!