Startup Life I am very lucky to be one of the cofounders and part of team that develops online marketplaces in Iran to match clients to experts in the services sector (through Acahareh) and shippers to drivers in the logistics sector (through Ubaar). We work very hard to provide quality service to both sides of the platform. We are also working on exploiting the power of machine learning and data science to improve the performance of matching/pricing algorithms in both Achareh and Ubaar through our data science team, SADA. More can be found here.

In my academic hat, I have been a researcher working on various topics involving computer science, biology and communication systems. I am generally interested in inter-disciplinary areas. That’s why during my post-doctoral research, we worked on identifying the connectome in a neural network by developing tools based on machine learning methods. 
Also, my PhD was dedicated to improving the performance of artificial neural associative memory using techniques that were mainly designed for error correcting codes on graphs.
More can be found here.

I was also very lucky to be part of the reproducible research initiative (RR) at EPFL, which aims to make research easier to reproduce and reuse to facilitate scientific progress. More can be found here.