Cooked@Home was meant to be a two-sided marketplace for home-cooked meals, a place where anyone could prepare delicious healthy dishes at home and offer them to anyone interested in ordering food online.

A friend of mine and I intended to launch this idea around 2013-2014 in Switzerland. We developed an minimal website as well. However, in the end we failed to launch, mainly due to our fear of “possible” legal issues in Switzerland.

However, we were amazed to see that MamanPaz launched a similar idea independently in Iran a short while after, and not only addressed the legal issues brilliantly, but also tackled the logistics part as well.

We were also happily surprised when realized that a new startup, Limoo, is prospering with a similar idea in Switzerland.

In a separate post, I’ve written a little bit on the backstory of Cooked@Home, why it was never launched, and how it shaped my career for (at least) the following 7 years.